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COVID crisis

Our work began in 2013 with coffee morning at various community centres across Malvern and Worcester. The need that appeared was startling. My small team of volunteers and I started developing a programme that responded to the developing need of the families.

From there we have grown quickly in response to the local need and now need urgent funding to meet the demand.

What we do

We are a special needs Charity which offer a wide range of projects and services that run from our Malvern Support Centre, across Worcestershire and the neighbouring counties. The Charity provides a family-centered care approach, supporting parents, carers, friends, siblings and children with disabilities aged 0-19 years.

We offer a range of activities that help reduce isolation and bring people together, helping families and their children gain confidence, reduce social isolation and increase independence.

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Our experience & achievements
  • We are well known, and supported within our local community
  • The need for our services has increased in the last 12 months
  • We understand and respond to the needs of our community by developing ways to reach those hardest to help, through our outreach model
  • We have a history of delivering training to parents and carers so they are given the tools to care for their children

Our ethos is in our name – we believe that all children with disabilities are beautiful and able to achieve great things, living fulfilled lives. We hold Awards evenings for the community of Worcester. I am extremely proud of the success of all the hard work and sheer determination which has landed us with two national awards & five local awards:

  • Winner International What’s on 4 Junior Awards 2016
  • Specialist District Governor Award 2018
  • Fortis Award – Improving Lives 2018
  • Nurse of the Year Award – 2019 – Well Child (Prince Harry Patron)
Who we help
  1. Children and young people including children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties or any other disability up to the age of 19 years through the provision of care, education and recreational activities.
  2. Parents and carers and siblings of children and young people with a disability
  3. Professionals working within local special educational needs