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Our clubs

Last year we had 1,288 people through our door, this year we expect this to rise by nearly 500 to 1767.  Please see table showing the split of these numbers.


Yr end 31st March 19

Yr end 31st March 20

Messy hands

36 (SEN) 6 Sibs

42 (SEN) 8 (Sibs)

Siblings club

46 Sibs

58 Sibs

After school club

22 (SEN) 4 (Sibs)

48 (SEN) 6 (Sibs)

Holiday club

206 (SEN) (16 Sibs)

218 (SEN) 22 (Sibs)

Youth club

128 (SEN)

188 (SEN)

Stay and Play

32 (SEN) 22 (Sibs)

56 SEN (26 Sibs)

Life skills

162 (SEN)

170 (SEN)


168 Parent/Carers

221 parent carers

Parent workshops



Special events







Our holiday clubs run for two hours. During this time, we provide art and craft fun, sensory activities, games. It gives children an opportunity to socialise and have fun in a friendly inclusive environment.

Catering for ages  6+ we hold these sessions twice a month. Our 8+ group activities include outings. We have our own mini bus so like to get out and explore the community.

Various clubs are held weekly, get in touch to join our mailing list to find out the plans we have.

My team and I are passionate about running high quality services, I manage medical and safeguarding needs for the centre, and are regulated with:

• Disability Confident

• Ofsted – Voluntary Registration

Holiday clubs

Holidays can be lonely times for our families. We offer a full range of holiday activities, designed to suit the individual needs of our children. We appreciate that trips aren’t for everyone so we offer a balance of being in our familiar centre setting, and trips. We have lots of support staff and offer 1:1 ratio where that is appropriate.

Siblings clubs

In our endeavours to be truly holistic we spend a lot of time thinking about the siblings of the children with additional needs, special needs, disabilities and autism, as sometimes they can feel forgotten. It is easy to see why sometimes they might feel like their sibling gets all the attention, with hospital appointments, or special schools or equipment for example. We offer Sibling support to remind them that they are not forgotten, these are special times carved out for them. It is a really significant time for them.

Stay and Play

We offer stay and play sessions regularly on other days throughout the week. These are two-hour sessions where parents stay with their children. They provide the perfect environment for children to see what we offer and adapt to the setting while having the comfort of the parents, as well as offering an informal space for parents to gain support, both from our staff and other parents in similar situations.

Life skills

We have recently started our Life Skills Programme, whereby we make a special effort to teach the older children life skills. These take place formally as part of a Cookery School for example, or as a planned activity in another session. We presently offer cookery and gardening skills and are hoping to offer ICT very soon.

Special events

As part of our offer to families we strive to offer accessible special events. From our Bonfire Extravaganza, to our Annual Awards and Ball. These events are really valuable because we are able to offer adaptations to make sure all the family are included. Additionally, these events often have a small fundraising element to them, which means families feel like they’re giving back, which fosters a sense of ownership.

“Our aim is to offer a warm caring environment for the community to feel supported and see children with disabilities accepted within the community.  We love to work with families and children seeing them smile and enjoy all aspects of life”. – Kim