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We are extermely greatful for all our donations and support to help us run our charity, we are mainly funded by the lottery. We need £100,000 to run our support centre.  Our income in made up of comminuty fundraising, fees and donations.  We have a small team that are all part-time to keep staff costs mimimal.

Last year we had 1,288 people through our door, this year we expect this to rise by nearly 500 to 1767.


Please see table showing the split of these numbers.

Area Year end 31st March 2019 Year end 31st March 2020
Messy hands    36 (SEN) 6 Sibs    42 (SEN) 8 (Sibs)    
Siblings club    46 Sibs    58 Sibs   
After school club    22 (SEN) 4 (Sibs)    48 (SEN) 6 (Sibs)    
Holiday club    206 (SEN) (16 Sibs)    218 (SEN) 22 (Sibs)   
Youth club    128 (SEN)     188 (SEN)   
Stay and Play    32 (SEN) 22 (Sibs)     56 SEN (26 Sibs)   
Life skills    162 (SEN)    170 (SEN)   
Outreach    168 Parent/Carers     221 parent carers    
Parent workshops     118     82   
Special events    822    622     
Total    1288    1767   
A big 'Thank You!' to...

Thank you to Greggs for their support in funding our new sensory baby room!

Thank you to Tesco’s Bags of Help for our sensory loaning equipment grant!

Thank you to the anonymous person whom donated the worry bears!

Thank you to wooden spoon for the donation of £1000!