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We run siblings support sessions every other month this ranges with trips out, sessions at the charity SEND support centre, workshops or just simple fun days.

We currently have a waiting list and priority goes to those children that their sibling with SEND is wither supported by our team or accesses the centre.

We provide support packages and work on what the siblings need help with being a sibling of a brother or sister with SEND.

Siblings clubs

In our endeavours to be truly holistic we spend a lot of time thinking about the siblings of the children with additional needs, special needs, disabilities and autism, as sometimes they can feel forgotten. It is easy to see why sometimes they might feel like their sibling gets all the attention, with hospital appointments, or special schools or equipment for example. We offer Sibling support to remind them that they are not forgotten, these are special times carved out for them. It is a really significant time for them.